Value Added Services

In the competitive climate in which we now trade, the need to stand apart in providing a quality service is understood by Air Marine. To fulfill their mission statement of "attaining success through the success of their clients", Air Marine not only understand that they need to provide a professional and efficient freight management service, but they also recognize the need and inclination to be flexible when working in partnership with clients to provide services that are sometimes outside of the norm, as and when required. Although such occurrences are difficult to define in advance, history has seen Air Marine organize on behalf of clients, who have found themselves in a difficult situation, suitable labor, space and machinery for circumstances where clients have needed garments to be re-labeled, components to be assembled to a finished article, quality control undertaken, product finishing and re-packing of goods. The flexibility and desire of Air Marine to work in partnership with these clients avoided what could have been embarrassing and costly situations for each of them. These are tangible examples of why Air Marine stands apart in providing a quality services. Flexibility and partnership are watch words of Air Marine and their staff in dealing with client requirements, some of which fall outside the norm. For a professional, reliable and flexible freight management service, talk to Air Marine about your requirements especially if you have a requirements that other agents have avoided.