Shipping product around the world is precarious if you don't know what you are doing, and costly if you don’t have the required infrastructure at your disposal. Historically regarded as a "means to an end" to get product to the ultimate customers, distribution is now recognized as being as important as the quality of the goods. The primary supplier needs to be confident that product will arrive at its destination on time, in prime condition and having all the regulatory requirements of the countries involved. The primary supplier therefore needs to have a good relationship with a professional and reliable freight management company. Operating by the code of conduct guidelines and trading terms of BIFA, the ethos of Air Marine is one of integrity, reliability and partnership in working with their clients. Air marine regard themselves as an extension of their clients business and take full responsibility for client consignments from origin to destination, as if they were their own. As well as routing (air, sea or road) client goods by the most appropriate and cost effective method, Air Marine will handle all elements of the freight management including transportation, warehousing, license applications, documentation, customs clearance, both in the UK and overseas through a network of accredited agents and partners worldwide. For a professional, reliable and flexible freight management service, talk to Air Marine about your requirements.