AOG Services

The requirement for extremely high standards and low tolerances within the aviation industry is a well known fact. The freight management service provided by Air Marine reflects these high standards and has been acknowledged by the fact that Air Marine handles the AOG (Aircraft on Ground) movements through London Heathrow airport for all aircraft in the fleets of British Airways CTI Express (Brymon Airlines, British Regional Airlines and Manx Airways), Jet Airways and Qatar Airways. Another well known fact is that an aircraft sitting on the tarmac has a high cost to its operator and also to the passengers or cargo scheduled to fly on that aircraft. Critical parts required to keep that aircraft flying can be located anywhere in the world and therefore need to be available quickly. Airlines therefore need a freight management company that is not only reliable, but is sufficiently flexible to provide their service 24 hours a day seven days a week and has the required resources to move critical parts from anywhere in the world at a moments notice, sometimes requiring consignments to be personally accompanied. Time is money in the aviation industry. The specialist freight management skills and expertise of Air Marine combined with their reliability and flexibility has highlighted them as having the required credentials for the exacting AOG niche market. To reduce the running costs of your fleet and maximize the revenue from your aircraft, talk to Air Marine about your AOG requirements.