The backbone of the Air Marine business is its skills and expertise in importing goods into the UK from all over the world, especially commodities that other agents avoid because they regard them as difficult. This expertise has been recognized by several UK regulative authorities including DEFRA and certain government departments who now recommend Air Marine not only to individuals and companies importing goods into the UK, but also to competing freight agents. Having accounts with all the major carriers through the IATA CASS system and their own deferment account with HMCE (with a Zero Risk Status). Air Marine will ensure all client imported consignments into the UK by air, sea or road are moved efficiently and in a timely fashion regardless of whether they are restricted or non-restricted commodities. Air Marines’ experience extends to a diverse range of commodities from all over the world such as restricted foodstuffs from West Africa for individuals and small retailers, electronic components for Devlin Electronics, garments for Levi Straus, pianos for Chapels Pianos and musical equipment for performers including the Rolling Stones, UB40 and Robbie Williams. Importing goods into the UK can be labor intensive and time consuming if you are not conversant with the stringent regulations of the UK and EC regulative authorities. For a professional and reliable freight management service, let Air Marine take the strain to ensure your goods arrive intact and on time.